Swedish fika Kickoff

The event is designed to unpack the routinised and habitual as increasingly meaningful. We create a unique environment and apply a methodology for exploring new horizons, growth, possibilities, and success.

Swedish Fika

Instead of feeding your employees with another cinnamon bun during fika pause, invite them to an artist’s studio and let them explore a Swedish Fika through artistic methods. Minimum reservation 8 persons. Max 25.

Wine Tasting

Have you ever wondered if your favourite wine can be expressed in poetry and colours? What would it look like!? We offer a range of artistic methods for exploration and boost creative energy. Wine is an art per se and we always update our wine list with the latest flavours. Minimum reservation 8 persons. Max 25.

Unique event

Frame your AW/kickoff as a unique experience with a professional performance artist and a photographer. Get the amazing artwork 3 x 4 meters big to embellish your office. Minimum reservation 8 persons. Max 25.

Only at Artten Gallery

We exchange colours and wine for your creativity!