War and its Legacy in Fashion

In times of wartime and hardship, sustainability takes on a different context and may involve unique approaches to resourcefulness and community support. So is fashion. We are now preparing for a fashion show which will bring people together to support each other by sharing resources and skills, fostering a sense of solidarity and resilience during difficult times.

The main objective of organizing the fashion show for peace is to introduce Ukrainian refugee women to the Swedish employment market and showcase their talents, skills, and creativity while providing them with valuable opportunities for integration and economic empowerment. Weaving together the creativity and resources of different individuals not only promotes environmental responsibility but also empowers people to be active participants in the fashion creation process and contribute to a greater cause.

The material for our workshops comes from people’s homes and wardrobes. We have recycled several kilos of textiles and clothes, utilizing them in the production of camouflage nets for the Ukrainian Army to save lives. Swedish companies such as Trixie Sverige AB and Borås Cotton found it important to support our good cause. However, the main contribution to the Fashion Collection for Peace comes from women from all over the world who during spring 2023 crocheted thousands of Granny Squares for peace and freedom as a response to our open call Suzani for Peace.

Setting an example for a more responsible and conscious fashion industry, we would like to revisit Swedishness and Sustainability. Designed to highlight the strength and resilience of Ukrainian women, the fashion event for Peace will fill the city of Stockholm with hope and optimism and amplify female voices for peace and inspire possibilities for future generations.

We are looking forward to creating an impactful event together with YOU where you can make a significant contribution to raising awareness about sustainable and socially conscious fashion while empowering Ukrainian women and advocating for peace and possibilities in their lives. Our creativity is vital and can inspire others to take similar actions and create a more responsible and compassionate world.