PERMACRISIS is a series of mixed media artworks created by L.Christeseva during her artists in residency in New York (the United States) during fall of 2022.


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As I leaf through the newspapers, the headlines detailing growing conflicts, including the war in Ukraine, serve as a stark reminder of the extent of the damage we may all share in the future: children who will never know their fathers, women mourning their lost sons. The uncertainty and anguish of war are isolating and excruciating, filled with fear and shattered dreams. I cover the remnants of texts with yellow, pink, and blue colors, making it hard to read.

Several layers of paint have transformed the latest news into an expressionistic portrayal of conflicts. As I tear down the remnants of information, I follow the running colors across the canvas, questioning the reality unfolding before me.

For me, art has always been a sanctuary. ‘PERMACRISIS’ stands as an urgent artistic and curatorial response to the escalating wars and armed conflicts plaguing our world. These canvases pulsate with dynamism, striking a delicate balance between uncertainty and hope, achieved through the deliberate process of overlaying the latest news with an array of vibrant colors. As the creative process unfolds, one might ponder: How can such horrific realities like death and war be transformed into something so beautiful? Is this the essence of art? To unite us in the pursuit of peace and freedom? To lead us away from the depths of grief and death?

Residency period: fall 2022

Eileen S. Kaminsky Family Foundation ESKFF at Mana Contemporary

Artist and curator: L.Christeseva