Artten Gallery

Artten is a studio of the Belarusian / Swedish artist and curator L.Christeseva. Located in the heart of Stockholm and neighbouring with such institutions as The Royal Dramatic Theatre, the Army Museum, The Royal Stables, Svenskt Tenn, Hedvig Eleonora Church, Artten successively contributes to the cultural life of the capital with its avant-garde and non-hierarchical approach to art, making, and experiencing.

Since its inception, Artten has consistently been focusing on an international scope and on the long-term representation of emerging and established contemporary artists from all over the world working with diverse media, including painting, sculpture, photography, public art, film and digital media as well as installation-based and site-specific work.

The approach has become a way to join in the continuing contribution of art and fashion into the enhancing of life as well as building strong brands and honest statements. Having a clearly defined event marketing strategy, we produce corporate and private events, exhibitions, workshops, fashion shows, and festivals, through which we bring together people and opportunities. 

Artten is a conscious art gallery providing the ultimate strategy for turning female talents and creativity into a real career and success. My canvas is your stage, Swedish Fika for Stockholms Stad, and current project Crafts that unite, heal, and last re-introduced Artten gallery as an important platform for female artists and entrepreneurs for connecting and supporting each other towards success and visibility. With over 20 years of experience in art and exhibition production, Artten aims to exceed expectations of every client through friendly, personal approach to every project.

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