Artten Gallery

Artten is a studio of the Belarusian / Swedish artist and curator L. Christeseva and a HOME for Ukrainian refugees. Located in the heart of Stockholm and neighboring with The Royal Dramatic Theatre, the Army Museum, The Royal Stables, Svenskt Tenn, Hedvig Eleonora Church, Artten successively contributes to the cultural life of the Swedish capital with its avant-garde and non-hierarchical approach to art, making, and experiencing.

Artten is a conscious art gallery providing the ultimate strategy for turning female talents and creativity into real careers and success. In 2021, L. Christeseva launched a series of immersive Swedish Fika My canvas is your stage to empower female artist colleagues after the pandemic. The project was supported by Stockholm Municipality.

Crafts that unite, heal, and last is a current global textile movement and a curatorial response to the war in Ukraine. During the Spring of 2022, Christeseva produced handmade camouflage nets together with Ukrainian women to save the lives of their husbands, fathers, and sons. On June, 15th, 2023, L.Christeseva is invited to Oslo Freedom Forum to hold a textile workshop in solidarity.

Gul&Blå: Hela Sverige flätar is the national chapter of the textile movement which brings Ukrainian refugees and Swedish citizens together to produce a unique artwork to mark 100 years of the City Hall and 500 years since Sweden became an independent country.

Suzani for Peace celebrates female talents in crafts across cultures. The given curatorial exploration of the field of artisan know-how and creativity offers the ultimate strategy for female empowerment. When creating unique patterns and designs together women use traditional craftsmanship and artisan know-how, but they also build a platform for learning, support, and empowerment.

In 2023, L.Christeseva has been nominated for Nelson Mandela Prize for her engagement for peace and support for the families of Ukraine. Read more.