Ingmar Bergman and his Legacy

The exhibition “Ingmar Bergman and his Legacy in Fashion and Art” was produced for the Swedish Institute in 2018 and shown in more than 60 countries around the world. The exhibition marked the 100 years jubilee of Swedish director, producer, and screenwriter. It introduced Ingmar Bergman and three of his major films: The Seventh Seal, Persona and Scenes from a Marriage. The exhibition explored the influence that Bergman has on contemporary fashion and art, as an iconic film maker and reluctant trendsetter. Bergman was himself uninterested in fashion and dressed in a simple, static style throughout his life. The exhibition consists of art and documentary films, photo prints, slide-show and film clips. Such fashion brands HOPE, Stutterheim, Whyred och Indigofera, and Marimekko were featured in the exhibition.

Curator: Professor Louise Wallenberg.

Art Director and Executive Producer: Liudmila Khrystseseva.
Producer: Anna-Maria Bernitz.