Collective Wardrobe

Artten Gallery presents Collective Wardrobe, where people will swap clothes. Conceptually, this proposal can be connected to a glimpse backwards when our grandparents were sharing and exchanging clothes. But what if this is a glimpse into the future? What will the fashion industry look like as sustainable and circular fashion begins to impact consumer behavior?

The main idea of the Collective Wardrobe is to bring people together and collectively discuss sustainability, poverty, and the significant issues of low wages and exploitation in the fashion industry. The initiative will feature various events and exhibitions encouraging participants to exchange clothes with each other and reduce consumption. The concept fosters creativity, well-being, and collective engagement for climate action.

On Sunday, March 3rd, the Collective Wardrobe will be launched at 5:00 pm, including a panel discussion with the fashion and art activist collective Crafts that Unite, Heal, and Last.

On March 4th, curator Ludmila Christeseva will host a presentation for fashion and sustainability students at Stockholm University.

The concept will be further discussed at the NEST Bootcamp Start Ups within the Fashion Industry on March 14-15 at the Textile Fashion Center in Borås.

Stay tuned and join the initiative today!