Collective Wardrobe

”Collective Wardrobe” on the 31st of May brings together young activist and changemeakers for climate change, sustainable future, and circular fashion. 

Fashion collection for peace



“Collective Wardrobe” is a series of events that includes UNGA Fashion Week 2023, launched during the fall of 2023 at the Syfestivalen, which attracted more than 11,000 visitors. We aim to foster a community of changemakers for the future of fashion.

As part of this initiative, we host events, workshops, and talks to promote eco-friendly and ethical fashion choices among the youth in our community. Our goal is to connect with young individuals from around Stockholm and support their conscious decisions when it comes to clothing purchases. We listen to their voices and amplify them. The concept fosters creativity, well-being, and collective engagement for climate action.

Historically, this proposal can be seen as a glimpse backward to when our grandparents were sharing and exchanging clothes. But what if this is a glimpse into the future? What will the fashion industry look like as sustainable and circular fashion begins to impact consumer behavior?

Past events include:

On Sunday, March 3rd, the Collective Wardrobe will be launched at 5:00 pm, including a panel discussion with the fashion and art activist collective Crafts that Unite, Heal, and Last.

On March 4th, curator Ludmila Christeseva will host a presentation for fashion and sustainability students at Stockholm University.

The concept will be further discussed at the NEST Bootcamp Start Ups within the Fashion Industry on March 14-15 at the Textile Fashion Center in Borås.

Curated by Ludmila Christeseva