Current projects at Artten Gallery

HOME: Women craft for peace and freedom!

Home-weaving workshop began in Urla, Turkey in August 2022 and united Turkish, Belarusian, Swedish, and Ukrainian women. Crafts are the language to share experiences of being women, mothers, and sisters. The act of joint weaving unites people together for peace and freedom in Ukraine and in the world, at large. This is why we have named this movement in the art of textiles ‘Crafts that Unite, Heal, and Last”. In fall 2022, the project has been further developed and discussed in New Jersey (USA) within the framework of the artist in residency ESKFF at Mana Contemporary. The presentation of the project took place on the 5th of November by invitation of NGO Razom for Ukraine at Times Square and was captured in a documentary “The other side of the sea”, directed by Hsuan Yu Pan (USA/Taiwan).

Restart Ukraine!

Restart Ukraine! is an artistic and curatorial response to the current war in Ukraine. It includes painting workshops and art exhibitions led by the Belarusian artist L.Christeseva for Ukrainian children. Without knowing each other language, colors and canvases became a way for Swedish and Ukrainian youth to connect and support each other. The Restart Ukraine! art collection is unique, sincere, and powerful.

Stockholm through the eyes of Ukrainian children

This is a photo project developed by the curator L.Christeseva for the non-profit organisation House of Ukraine. The initiative brings together Ukrainian children and youth for photo walks with professional photographers with the aim to explore the world from the perspective of an innocent children’s gaze equipped with curiosity, hope, and the lens of a camera. The project just started in Stockholm in August 2022 and it is designed to be continued in other cities and countries. Do you want to become our partner in this creative journey?!

Crafts that unite, heal, and last

This is an integration project which includes a series of workshops and performances. Designed by the artist and curator L. Christeseva, the aim is to support and empower Ukrainian women who fled the war in Ukraine and found their new home in Sweden. The project uses creative industries as a way for the immigrants to be integrated into the host society. Creating together, Ukrainian and Swedish women learn the Swedish language and also different craft techniques from each other. Everyone can join our creative movement and contribute with talents and ideas!

Craft that unite, heal, and last.

Crafts that unite, heal, and last

Weave a band for peace and freedom! Invite us to your event to inspire your participants with arts and crafts.

Unga Hub

Artten is a place for young girls to meet, connect, and empower each other.

Artten Retreat

Stay in the present while colours run across the canvas, dissolving your anxiety, cutting down on your worrying and rumination, and keeping you grounded and connected to yourself and everything around you. Theliberation through colours is the key to staying healthy, happy and successful.

Swedish Fika as teambuilding and kick off

Artten Gallery offers to explore Swedish Fika and Wine Tasting through artistic methods, combining performance art and immersive theatre. Creating together is a successful teambuilding and kick off strategy for your company!

Live Painting

Escape from rain and darkness. Immerse yourself in a sparkling, stimulating and intimate world! Paint with L.Christeseva on canvases, walls, and bodies.

Artwine – Garde

Artwine – Garde is a way to explore wine with aid of artistic methods.