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We create memories and experiences. We bring together people and opportunities. Join us in the continuing contribution of art and fashion into the enhancing of life and building strong brands and honest statements.

Swedish Fika

This fall, Artten Gallery in collaboration with Stockholms Stad brought many people together in a creative exploration of Swedish fika. A series of events involved quality time for drinking coffee with new friends, but also colorful exploration of female talents towards success and recognition.

Live Painting always

The Belarusian female artists today are offering a unique possibility to everyone who is visiting Minsk to explore the Escape from rain and darkness. Immerse yourself in a sparkling, stimulating and intimate world! Merge your senses with joy. Allow music and art to get under your skin and revive you. Be prepared for a crazy, unpredictable, and beautiful experience.

What We Do

Have you ever wondered…

if your favourite wine can be expressed in poetry and colors?
What would it look like?!