Our projects

Weaving for peace with the artist Christeseva.

Weaving for peace with the artist Christeseva.

Sustainability is in focus and we recycle textiles and re-use them in our art and fashion production.

Kulturminister Parisa Liljestrand invigningstalar på Järvaveckan.

Art for peace.

Art for peace.

Art for peace.


Swedish fika is a part of our curatorial strategy.


Curated by L.Christeseva

Craft that unite, heal, and last.

Where is home?

Welcome to contribute creativity to the process of producing the “HOME” – artwork by weaving in a band for peace and freedom.

Unga Hub

Artten is a place for teen girls to meet, connect, and empower each other. Through our collective production, we focus on sustainability in arts and fashion.

Artten Retreat

Stay in the present while colours run across the canvas, dissolving your anxiety, cutting down on your worrying and rumination, and keeping you grounded and connected to yourself and everything around you. Theliberation through colours is the key to staying healthy, happy and successful.

Collective Weaving

At Artten Gallery, we weave camouflage nets with Ukrainian refugees to save lives in Ukraine.

Live Painting

Escape from rain and darkness. Immerse yourself in a sparkling, stimulating and intimate world! Paint with L.Christeseva on canvases, walls, and bodies.

Artwine – Garde

Artwine – Garde is a way to explore wine with aid of artistic methods.