Restart Ukraine: Crafted Peace!

Artten Gallery today is a place for Ukrainian and Swedish youth to meet, connect, and co-create art together. The amazing result of this collaboration was presented in an exhibition format during Kulturnatt Stockholm 2022, which took place on the 23rd of April. Many artworks have been sold and we could reach with our message globally. Everyone can join our movement and contribute to Crafted Peace!

Crafts that save lives

We make a camouflage net for the Ukrainian Army.

Unga Hub

Artten is a place for young girls to meet, connect, and empower each other.

Artten Retreat

Stay in the present while colours run across the canvas, dissolving your anxiety, cutting down on your worrying and rumination, and keeping you grounded and connected to yourself and everything around you. This process of liberation through colours is the key to staying healthy and happy.

Swedish Fika for Stockholms Stad

Artten Gallery offers Swedish Fika for companies as teambuilding and kick off.

Live Painting

Escape from rain and darkness. Immerse yourself in a sparkling, stimulating and intimate world! We paint on canvases, walls, and bodies.

Artwine – Garde

Artwine – Garde is a way to explore wine with aid of artistic methods.