The upcoming exhibition at Artten Gallery “Vulva Journey – From Top to Bottom”, April, 20th, 2024.

Luz Martinez is a 3D artist renowned for her work in creating visualizations and animations depicting the female reproductive system. As part of her internship as UX Designer Changemaker Education, Luz Martinez delves into themes surrounding the female body through a retrospective approach and welcomes to “Vulva Journey – From Top to Bottom”, a journey through the complex and fascinating world of the female reproductive system. By exploring various aspects of the vulva and its surrounding structures, the artist focuses on education, empathy, and community.

© Luz Martinez

Through a combination of visualizations and models, there is an opportunity to explore the complex world of the clitoris and learn about its significance for female pleasure, sexual health, and well-being. Moments with stories from women about their unique journeys through the reproductive process contribute to a deeper understanding of the diversity of the female reproductive system.

This project extends beyond the visual experience to a deeper understanding of women’s reproductive health, well-being, and agency. Read more about the artist and her designs.

An introduction for an academic research on weaving for peace at Uppsala University

Press Release 2023-12-26

Anna-Theresé Eivindsdotter, an art historian, has consistently been captivated by the intersection of art, gender roles, politics, and the individuals shaping these complex dynamics. Her earlier scholarly work delved into the 19th-century heteronormative context for artists and the evolving concept of masculinity in the visual arts.

Anna-Theresé Eivindsdotter

In her current master’s thesis, Eivindsdotter shifts her focus to contemporary political art and its profound impact on society. For her in-depth case study, she is meticulously examining the performative artwork “Gul&Blå,” a year-long weaving project initiated by Ludmila Christeseva, a Belarusian-Swedish artist and curator. This project is designed to facilitate the integration of Ukrainian women and children who sought refuge from war in a foreign country. While Christeseva actively advocates for weaving as an art form for healing and cultural connection, Anna-Theresé Eivindsdotter emphasizes the metaphorical symbolism of weaving as a powerful means of uniting nations, transcending cultural, geographical, and political boundaries.

The year of collective weaving in “Gul&Blå” unfolds universal themes of unity, resilience, healing, and shared aspirations for peace and understanding among nations. Anna-Theresé Eivindsdotter will hold a public defense, offering a nuanced perspective on the transformative power of art in fostering cross-cultural dialogue at Uppsala University in 2024.

Artten Takes Action for the Sustainable Development Goals 2030

Press Release 2023-11-01

In the dedication to empowering the younger generation with knowledge and connections for fostering sustainable development, Artten Gallery welcomes an accomplished and motivated project manager – Helia Hole. With expertise in marketing, education, business administration, and sustainable development, Helia underscores her commitment to creating a platform that fosters creativity, collaboration, and tangible steps towards a more sustainable future.

Helia Hole

Helia’s impressive track record includes serving as the operations coordinator for Popkollo Stockholm, where she adeptly managed the organization’s projects and finances. Notably, she played a pivotal role in organizing the music festival TOGETHER at Kulturhuset Stadsteatern, attracting an audience of approximately 5000 attendees and earning her a well-deserved spot among the Nordic Music Biz Top 20 Under 30.

Beyond her professional accolades, Helia brings five years of experience supporting young individuals grappling with challenging behaviors. Her educational background spans economics and global development studies, and she has shared her insights as a lecturer at Uppsala Sustainability Festival, engaged in a field study in Kenya, and lectured on idea and concept development. Helia’s active involvement in the nonprofit organization Changing Attitudes underscores her unwavering dedication to societal causes.

With her extensive knowledge and hands-on experience, Helia emerges as a valuable asset in projects aimed at advancing social, economic, and ecological sustainability. At Artten Gallery, we eagerly look forward to inspiring you through our upcoming project, where the initiative rests in the capable hands of young individuals striving for positive change.