Fashion Speaks: 100 shades of nature

100 Shades of Nature event amalgamated art, fashion, and performance, to communicate a fashion collection from the Belarusian conscious fashion brand Historia Naturalis.

The event met its audience along Strandvägen Allé and took over Stockholm’s streets where many international couturiers find inspiration for their fashion collections. Given an empowering heritage of pride, momentum and purpose honouring the women’s suffrage example set 100 years ago, the most inspiring women of Stockholm became our models. Their walk inspired us and reminded us that any goal can be achieved in solidarity, sharing every step through challenges towards success.

The mingel and gala dinner was hosted at the restaurant Glashuset, where our partners and sponsors could discover networking opportunities. Our partners and sponsors became the restaurant Galshuset, the restaurant Vau de Ville, Voi Technology AB, Giertz Vinimport AB, Make Up Store Int AB, and Hair by Tannaz.

The event was organised together with the producer Ulrika Skoog Holmgaard / Scenit Produktion AB

Fashion Speaks project began in Stockholm in 2018 and was founded by Belarusian-born and Sweden-based artist Ludmila Christeseva; to mark Orange Day (the UN Women’s campaign to eliminate violence against women).  Contrasting conceptually and ideologically with the idea of the established Fashion Week, Fashion Speaks: 100 Shades of Nature event had its aim to disrupt the current paradigm of the fashion industry, and provide a forum for both art, fashion, and product marketing partners to come together. Fashion became a tool for spreading the consciousness of important social and political issues. This approach facilitated dialogue and development of creative solutions for our companies.

Fashion Speaks is a platform to both pose questions and to search for real answers. 

THE POWER OF FASHION EXTENDS FAR BEYOND THE RUNWAYS! Fashion is used as a marketing strategy for each of our companies, and this event can add visibility to all of our brands, and respect the historic relationship of Stockholm to fashion and art.

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