Oslo through the eyes of Ukrainian children

Photo Walks through different cities and places offer an angle full of hope and optimism for Ukrainian children who fled the war.

Stockholm through the eyes of Ukrainian Children was a photo project launched by the artist and curator L.Christeseva in the summer 2022. In the summer 2023, Christeseva will be launching her project in Oslo: Oslo through the eyes of Ukrainian children.

Bringing together Ukrainian children and youth for photo walks with professional photographers, Christeseva aims to support millions of children facing homelessness and orphanhood due to continuous wars and armed conflicts. With their little steps across different cities, she lets children fill this world with curiosity, innocence, hopes, and new dreams, heading towards the UN’s Global Goals of peace and prosperity.

With start in Stockholm in 2022, the project aims to embrace other cities and countries from the perspective of an innocent and curious children’s gaze equipped with the lens of a camera.

Global Art collaboration.

Photo walks with Anastasia Angeli

Anastasia Angeli is an urbanist and a lighting designer. Photography for her is a tool to grasp the environment and find herself through it. On Tuesday, August 2nd, she will take a walk with Ukrainian children in central Stockholm sharing her professional secrets and techniques with them.

Photo walks with Dmitrij Karpenko

Dmitrij Karpenko was moved by his father toward photography. His journey began with an analogue camera which he got for his 10 yo birthday. Dmitrij will later pass on his knowledge by inheritance to his son Peter and together, they will enter the world of digital photography. During his walk, Dmitrij told about mobile photography for Ukrainian children, which he mastered after his camera was stolen.




Art for peace.