Swedish Fika with taste of peace

Since the war in Ukraine began, together with Ukrainian women, Ludmila Christeseva handmade camouflage nets and sent them to Ukraine. These workshops gave her new friends and a great inspiration to unite women in a global movement – Crafts that unite, heal and last, for sharing our experience of being mothers, sisters, and daughters for people we love, care and do not want to lose: our sons, brothers, and fathers! Women’s narration about war is another story, oftentimes forgotten… Re-visiting Svetlana’s Alexievich book War´s unwomanly face – full of emotions, hope and tears, my project Crafts that unite, heal, and last makes women’s stories HEARD! Crafts are a language for women to support each other during hardship. The collective production of the net HOME by women around the world signifies global sisterhood for hope, optimism, peace and freedom.

While Ukrainian women run a series of textiles workshops in Stockholm, Sweden, the curator Ludmila Christeseva moved on to New York. She is now meeting other women and crafting for peace and freedom.

Join us! Craft for peace and freedom! Recycle! Everyone can join our creative movement and contribute with talents and ideas!

We collect your crochet together with your story. Please ship it to us and we will include it in our upcoming exhibition sharing your talents with a global audience. The project includes Performances and installations in Stockholm and across Sweden.

Craft that unite, heal, and last.