Restart Ukraine!

Swedish teenagers welcome Ukrainian youth to create art together in the spring of 2022. The result was presented during Kulturnatt Stockholm 2022 on the 23rd of April. The project uses art as a way of welcoming and integrating Ukrainian families into Swedish society.

The war in Ukraine has now entered its next month and it is difficult to anticipate all the damages: children who never met their fathers, women who lost their sons in the war. Such uncertainty and anguish of life during wartime is a lonely and painful experience, full of fear and unfulfilled dreams. While these stories are dreadful, we, at Artten Gallery offer an arty and colourful angle by weaving hope and optimism into the lives of Ukrainian people through art and crafts.

We let colours show a way for the young people away from war and death while meeting new friends fills the creative moment with warmth and hope. Each canvas we create is loaded with optimistic colours and the profit from the sale goes fully to the young creators.


Lev Shalimov, 12 yo from Odessa, Ukraine, created this painting together with his mother on April, 2 at Artten Gallery.

Mixed media on canvas 40 x 40 cm, with support of L.Christeseva

Elizaveta Murugova, 14 y.o from Krivoj Rog, Ukraine painted this piece together with her new Swedish friend Lisen Forsenius, 14 y.o, on the 10th of April.

Mixed media on canvas 40 x 40 cm, with support of L.Christeseva

Restart Ukraine:
Spring 2022

In the spring of 2022, we are hosting a number of workshops bringing Swedish and Ukrainian teenagers together on a creative journey. The result is a collection of unique artworks for sale and the profit will be distributed among the young artists.

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