Press Release 

Join Arts Dynamics Talks: Ludmila Christeseva – The Art of War, Weaving for Peace in Times of Conflict

Wednesday 12th of June 14.00-15.00

Belarusian-Swedish visual artist Ludmila Christeseva, a nominee for the Nelson Mandela Prize in both 2023 and 2024, and the recipient of the Impact of the Year 2023 award by IHM BY Impact Awards, understands the transformative power of art. She engages individuals from diverse backgrounds to collaborate on large-scale textile installations, demonstrating the strength of solidarity and the shared desire for peace during turbulent times.

Over the past two years, Christeseva has mastered the traditional Ukrainian weaving technique of camouflage netting, incorporating it into her peace-building designs. Her works have been showcased in museums such as the Armemuseum, Livrustkammaren, and Oslo Freedom Forum, among others. 

What is Arts Dynamics? 

Arts Dynamics, founded by Sofie Marin, is a platform for the cross-cultural Creative Entrepreneur Movement, addressing the challenges and opportunities of the contemporary world. By inviting outstanding individuals to share their methods and visions, Arts Dynamics aims to create a sustainable knowledge hub where creativity is a vehicle for innovation, collaboration, and social impact.


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