Kulturnatt Stockholm 2024

Artten Gallery presents three exhibitions in three different venues.

“Tales from the womb, the vulva and the clit”. An audio-visual installation by the artist Luz Enith Martinez.

The subject of female reproductive health is vast and encompasses a range of topics including menstruation, contraception, pregnancy, childbirth, menopause, and various reproductive disorders. It’s an important area of healthcare that has received increasing attention in recent years in terms of research, advocacy, and healthcare services.

One significant aspect within this field is the issue of patient experiences being ignored or dismissed. Historically, women’s health concerns have often been downplayed or overlooked by healthcare providers, leading to inadequate care or misdiagnosis. This is particularly true in the realm of reproductive health, where societal taboos, biases, and stereotypes can impact the way women’s symptoms and concerns are perceived and addressed.

In recent years, there has been a growing movement to empower women to advocate for their own healthcare needs and to ensure that medical professionals listen to and respect their experiences. This includes promoting informed decision-making, improving access to comprehensive healthcare services, and advocating for more inclusive and patient-centered approaches within the healthcare system.

Numerous organizations and initiatives focus on advancing women’s reproductive health rights and improving healthcare outcomes for women globally. These efforts encompass not only medical care but also education, research, policy advocacy, and community outreach aimed at addressing the diverse needs and challenges faced by women in relation to their reproductive health.

“Heal the world: what would you wish for the world?” In collaboration with Lev Shalimov, 14 yo (Odessa, Ukraine).

Academic research on the "Gul&Blå: hela Sverige flätar" project includes Uppsala University, Stockholm University, Queensland University of Technology in Australia, Yale University in the USA, and institutions in many other countries.

L. Christeseva invites visitors of Kulturnatt Stockholm to join in a collective art production. No special talent is needed. The artist, alongside a group of Ukrainian teenagers, will meet participants just outside Östermalm’s subway station, exiting towards Grev Turegatan, and provide everyone with colored crayons and other materials. By writing messages of peace to friends and family, we will embark on a new creative journey together, infusing hope for a more peaceful future.

Ludmila Christeseva has been spearheading various projects with Ukrainian teenagers, believing in the transformative power of crafts and aiming to support children in coping with the trauma of war. Their collaborative works have been showcased in Armemuseum, Livrustkammaren, and the Oslo Freedom Forum, promoting peace through collective creativity.

“Braided Peace: textile workshop for affinity and community. A collective art production by L.Christeseva.

Fashion collection for peace

The act of weaving unites displaced individuals and promotes peace through arts and crafts. Understanding the power of collective action and the symbolism of weaving, artist Ludmila Christeseva guides us in creating large-scale textile installations using a traditional Ukrainian weaving technique for camouflage nets production, incorporating contemporary elements to reflect the struggles and hopes of affected communities.

During Kulturnatt 2024 at Midsommargården, Ludmila Christeseva and her Ukrainian sisters invite everyone to explore weaving. She believes that creating together is a powerful metaphor for the interconnectedness of humanity and the importance of unity in times of adversity. Ludmila and her team have invited individuals from all walks of life, both Ukrainian and from other nations, to participate in the project. The project demonstrates the strength of diversity, solidarity, and speaks to the shared desire for peace.