Gul&Blå: Hela Sverige Flätar

On the 24th of February, 2023, in connection with the one-year anniversary of the war in Ukraine, Crafts that unite, heal, and last launched a textile project Gul&Blå: Hela Sverige Flätar at the Sewing and Crafts festival at Stockholmsmässan with a goal to unite people in a creative journey toward a brighter future. Together, we are weaving a Swedish flag. For the Ukrainian refugees, it is a way to express their gratitude for the warmth and friendship they found in their new home country – Sweden. The initiative has been supported by two Swedish companies from different parts of Sweden: North and South, which we find very symbolic. Trixie Sverige AB has sent us nets from Norrfjärden. Their nets today serve as a platform for the numerous textile workshops we organize around the world while Borås Cotton from Västergötland donated several meters of blue and yellow textiles.

Hundreds of Swedes have joined our collective art production. They eagerly selected between blue and yellow ribbons and wrote their names on them. With guidelines from Ukrainian women, Swedes wove ribbons into a joint textile artwork. The project is inclusive and will be showcased in many Swedish cities in a variety of formats stretching from a festival to networking.

The final artwork will be the way for us to mark the 100th year anniversary of Stadshuset, Stockholm’s City Hall, and the 500th anniversary of Sweden’s independence history, which is celebrated in 2023.

If you are somewhere else in the world looking for the possibility to connect to our textile movement Gul&Blå: Hela Sverige Flätar, you are very welcome to contribute virtually to our project by purchasing a yellow or blue ribbon below. Every participant’s name will be written on the bands and we all will be co-creators of a historical public art project for peace and freedom.

Each ribbon costs 20 SEK and the profit from the project will be used to purchase camouflage nets to be sent to Ukraine to save the lives of husbands, brothers, and sons we give birth to, love, and do not want to lose.

We will soon announce all the cities included in our tour.

If you are an artist, curator, or a volunteer interested to have a textile workshop Gul&Blå: Hela Sverige Flätar in your town, please get in touch with us.

We accept Swish payments123-6042766 or cards.


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Through joint weaving, people unite for hope and optimism.