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Live Painting

The concept allows to escape from rain and darkness. Immerse in a sparkling, stimulating and intimate world! Merge your senses with joy. Allow music and art to get under your skin and revive you. Be prepared for a crazy, unpredictable, and beautiful experience.



It doesn´t matter what you create, if you have no fun! 

Michelle Gurevic

19.08.2021: Artten Immersed Edition with live painting by L.Christeseva

Special guests: Ylva Maria Thompsson and Carl Johan Rehbinder.

Our partner: DQ Vodka



Have you ever wondered if your favourite wine can be expressed in poetry and colors?  What would it look like?! With a tart taste of Bonacosta wine from MASI Sverige, the answer was born in the process of co-creation led by L.Christeseva. The songwriter Zana Messia and the poet Sofia Kamill joined the creative session.



Art has only one destination! Into the heart. It’s all about self-exploration and personal development filled with confession, sincerity, spirituality, and inspiration.

L.Christeseva, Art Director and Producer

28.08.2021: Artwine – Garde with taste of Bonacosta Masi Sverige. 


Miss Belarus 2021

Miss Belarus contest runs every year and Lukashenko widely supports the stagnation. There is the National School of Beauty in Belarus and a wide range of governmental tools to select Miss beauty across regions and even universities. Such ideological formation includes even Miss Breasts of Belarus.



What does it mean for us Belarusian women who have been living in the country with strong feminist agenda for many years now. What are we ready to fight for and how to win the battle?

L.Christeseva, Art Director and Producer