Artten Gallery Prize 2

You can become a lucky winner of ‘Ukrainian Dinner for two’ at Artten Gallery, Artillerigatan 10 if you participate in our lottery.

Date Friday, 15th of March

Time 18:30-21.30

Ukrainian Dinner for two at Artten Gallery on March 15th, 18:30-21:30, is the unique experience! ALl the meals will be prepared and served by Ukrainian refugees.

Starter: BORCHT – Rich and tangy, served with crème fraîche accompanied by cheesy pie.

Main Course: Herring Under the Coat – Layers of succulent herring and vibrant ingredients.

Dessert: Fruit Sorbet with a Hint of Avec – A tantalizing blend of fruity sweetness, elevated with a touch of avec for a sophisticated finish.

Join us at Artten Gallery for an unforgettable dining experience. Book now and treat yourself to culinary perfection!

Wine is included, but you’re welcome to bring a bottle of your favourite wine to share with new friends you’ll meet during the evening. Enjoy! Ordinarie price: 660 SEK per person

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