Artten Foundation offers a series of collective weaving workshops “Crafts that unite, heal, and last” designed to foster connection and resilience. Against the backdrop of armed conflicts and aggression, the act of weaving serves as a powerful means to bring people together, instilling hope and optimism. The method is accessible to all, requiring no special skills or talent. These workshops take place in public spaces across various cities, eliminating the need for tickets or registration and ensuring free access for open engagement. A particular focus is directed towards young people, refugees, and other vulnerable groups in society who frequently face economic barriers to participation in cultural events. Through this initiative, the project seeks to create a lasting impact, both in the art form itself and in the communities it touches.

Planning January-February, 2024.

February 2nd, Friday Workshop with Jackie on upcycling.

Emily, Ira, Tanya, Ludmila.

February 3rd, Saturday Workshops with the theme: Valentine’s Day

February 7-10th, Folk och Kultur in Eskilstuna, Gul&Blå: hela Sverige flätar.

February 11th, Sunday – Workshop with Iryna, art + textile.

February 16-18 Syfestivalen, Paintings, recycling and drawing bags.

February 24-25th Fashion weekend Clothing exchange, getting ready for spring, cleaning out closets.

January, 2024

Dramaten “Flickor som försvinner”, 2 sessions with textile workshops, 14 & 27 January. With support from Dramaten.