Suzani for Peace

The following Open Call was published in spring 2023 and thousands of women from all over the world participated in our project “Suzani for Peace“.

The description of the Open Call. Submit a Granny Square before the 1st of June, 2023 to be united with other women from other countries through crafts.

Your creativity is vital today in times of increased violence and armed conflicts. You are welcome to contribute to a joint artwork called Suzani for Peace by crocheting a Granny square size between 7-11 cm of your own design and colors. This is your voice and if you would like to use the colors of your national flag, it is an excellent idea!

The presentation of the project will take place at the Oslo Freedom Forum in June 2023 where we will put your design together with other women’s crafts in a consummated whole called Suzani for Peace. The final presentation will take place in New York to mark the International Day of Peace, on the 21st of September.

When sending your contribution to us, please enclose your name, age, city, country, and motivation for why crafts are important for you in the current turbulent world. Please ship your contribution to Artten Gallery by Ludmila Christeseva, Artillerigatan 10, 11451 Stockholm, Sweden before 1st of June, 2023.

Send us an e-mail if you want to organize a crocheting workshop or if you have questions.

For social media please use the following hashtags: #sisterhood #womencraftforpeace #grannysqaure #empowerment #suzanipeace #suzaniforpeace #jointcrochet #sharestory #herstory #myvoice #traditions #mydowry #craftsunite #craftsthatunitehealandlast #crocheting together

This project is designed by women for women and for the rest of the world. The aim is to amplify women’s voices in a powerful chorus signifying the journey women can accomplish together. The unifying power of crafts unpacks the barriers to talent, creativity, and femininity, and calls for genuine support and change in the ”modern” world. Crafts are the language for women around the world to share their unique experiences of being sisters, mothers, and daughters to men they love and do not want to lose.

Organizer: Ludmila Christeseva / Crafts the unite, heal, and last (Sweden/Belarus); Konca Yumlu (Turkey); Irina Shalimova (Ukraine); and Emma Bernhard (France).

Project idea: L.Christeseva ART