Suzani for Peace

“Suzani for Peace” is an ongoing project that engages women from around the world to contribute their crafts to a unique collection of textile artworks dedicated to peace. This creative solidarity addresses hardship and underscores the importance of solidarity and creativity in overcoming challenges. We continuously publish Open Calls to enrich the historical collection and to highlight female talents and strength.

In spring 2023, we launched an Open Call and received an overwhelming response from thousands of women, each contributing their unique talents and designs. The project highlighted the unifying power of crafts and emphasized the importance of people coming together to act during times of increased violence and armed conflicts.

The realization of the project took place at the Oslo Freedom Forum in Norway in June 2023. Ludmila Christeseva was personally invited by the Chairman of the Human Rights Foundation (HRF) in the USA, Garry Kasparov, to present her important work to human rights activists from around the world. Ludmila Christeseva felt honored to amplify the voices of mothers for peace and a peaceful future. Conceptualized as granny squares, thousands of female voices were brought together by the devoted artist Ludmila Christeseva in the powerful artwork titled “Solidarity.”

The presentation of the joint artwork took place in New York during the WE, the Artists March on September 16th, 2023, to mark the International Day of Peace, celebrated worldwide on the 21st of September. Ludmila Christeseva proudly joined the March of the New-York based artists organized by Lisa Russell, who is an UN curator.

In January 2024, we published an Open Call to produce a short 3-minutes film for The 5th Health for All Film Festival (HAFF) organized by WHO (World Health Organization). Renowned Swedish music producer Martin Landquist with the soundtrack commenting on the importance of the weaving for Ukrainian refugees as a way to cope with the trauma of war and loss. The film is scheduled to be launched in April 2024.

In March, we got in touch with the Nordic postal operator PostNord in order to produce a limited collection of stamps with Granny Squares designed and crocheted by women from around the world.

Project idea: L.Christeseva ART