Open Call 2024

This open platform invites artists and enthusiasts alike to engage in a conversation about how contemporary artists are reimagining their paths in today’s challenging art world and telling stories through various mediums, including AI.

What kind of art do you have in your home? Beyond Marcel Duchamp’s provocative urinal and Tracey Emin’s unmade bed with everyday objects in a disheveled state, artists and museums continue to redefine our perception of art and challenge traditional notions. If you were to contribute something to the Modern Art Museum in Stockholm or MoMA in New York, what would you choose? A painting? An everyday object? 

Personally, I envision bringing a freshly baked apple pie to the museum—a pie made following the recipe of 67-year-old Galina Krasnianskaya, a Swedish citizen who was unjustly imprisoned on her way to visit relatives in Belarus, where she was sentenced to five years. This pie represents more than just its flavors and ingredients. For me, it embodies nostalgia, a longing for home, and the bittersweet reality of exile. The apples used are not from my childhood garden in Belarus, nor are they from the comforting embrace of my ancestral home. Therefore, while the pie may taste sweet and tender to others, for me, it carries a deeper emotional resonance—a reminder of separation, injustice, and the struggle for freedom.

I would like to invite you to attend my upcoming exhibition at one of world’s prestigious museums, where I will be serving freshly baked apple pie. During this experience, I invite you to close your eyes and engage with the apple pie as a work of art while listening to narratives from individuals who have endured imprisonment, torture, and injustice in Belarusian prisons. My goal is to fill the gallery space with the enticing aroma of pie, creating a moment that embodies the essence of life through art.

Throughout six months in 2025, I intend to dedicate myself to the processes of kneading dough, slicing apples, and baking pies. Additionally, I will visit apple festivals worldwide to share my story about an apple tree as a symbol of democracy. This endeavor is not merely about advancing my artistic career but also about reconnecting with the flavors of my childhood and seeking inner harmony. I wonder if sharing a pie can cultivate empathy, garner support, and foster understanding, leading to new artistic collaborations and opportunities. Perhaps it will also allow me to forge new friendships and even create a new sense of family to share in the enjoyment of this apple pie together.

Share what you would bring to the museum to transform into art and how it changes perceptions. Let’s foster meaningful discourse where artists and viewers engage, inspire, and challenge conventions.

Use the hashtag #ArtRevolution2024 to share your thoughts and contributions.

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