Artwine – Garde

As a little girl, I loved spending time with my parents. I would sit on my father’s lap and together we leafed through the newspapers. But once I spilt his coffee while he was reading. Rather than showing annoyance, he took a pen and turned my blot into a drawing. This simple act was for me both an acceptance and an opening for my artistic nature. Although he was not an artist, he was a man who always empowered me by turning my many clumsy efforts into a takeoff for my self-confidence as a girl. This imaginative visual perception would later inform my future career as a female artist possessed of a powerful imaginative insight and a colourful mixed media language enabling me to communicate by throwing colours on canvas and turning anything into art.   

In a creative dialogue with the poet Sofia Kamill and the songwriter Zana Messia, I asked the audience: Have you ever wondered if your favourite wine can be expressed in poetry and colours? What would it look like?!

Artwine – Garde is a series of events designed to colour the wine tasting with memories and emotions letting them last for many years in a piece of art both the physical on your wall and the performative one here and now.

Art has only one destination! Into the heart. It’s all about self-exploration and personal development filled with confession, sincerity, spirituality, and inspiration. 

L.Christeseva, Art Director and Producer