Swedish fika art experience

We enhance creativity, innovation, and productivity of your team through a unique immersive teambuilding workshop based on Swedish fika, Wine tasting or a Gourmet dining.





Swedish Fika is one of Sweden’s most cherished customs to socialize around coffee breaks with friends and colleagues. It’s an absolute must. At Artten Gallery, we offer an immersive and innovative framework to explore Swedish Fika, unpacking novel flavours of your favourite kanelbulle. Utilizing poetry, colors and other artistic methods, we transform the everyday things in a memorable, inclusive, innovative, and delicious happening to move your company towards new ideas, innovative solutions and overall success.

Astrid dance therapeut dancing leading
Swedish Fika with Dance Therapeut Astrid Wilder Wybert




Eager to boost your creative energy with new ideas and new acquaintances?


Still looking for a solution for your problem within design, marketing, or your business at large?


Unique recipe – feed off of each other’s positive emotions. Eat as much as you want!





We use art, music, poetry, fashion, coffee and wine.

Boosting your creativity, we aim in contributing to the enhancing of life and building honest statements. We bring together people and opportunities. The concept represents a unique strategy for teambuilding and kick off. Companies can make a booking with dining or / and wine tasting included.





Swedish Fika

Together, we explore the famous Swedish tradition and how it actually tastes when flavoured with the artistic methods. The unique strategy opens up new horizons in the both professional and private realms. Minimum reservation 8 persons. Max 25.


Wine tasting

Have you ever wondered if your favourite wine can be expressed in poetry and colors? What would it look like!? We offer a range of artistic methods for the exploration and boosting the creative energy. Wine is an art per se and we always update our wine list with latest flavours. Minimum reservation 8 persons. Max 25.


Wine Tasting & Dining

With vibes of art and music, we would like to inspire you further, offering a dining at one of the most exclusive restaurants located in the Östermalm area. The creative journey thus continues and together we fill the moment with colorful memories and unique experiences. Minimum reservation 8 persons. Max 25.


How does it work



This is a unique opportunity to visit an artist studio for inspiration and learning. Coffee break at a studio of the Belarusian / Swedish artist and curator L.Christeseva is not exception. You will learn that art is a language through which ideas, feelings and understandings of things around us can be created. Furthermore, art is a great platform to both pose questions and to seek answers.


Art, fashion, and food became a way for L.Christeseva to explore the Swedish culture. As a result, in 2018, she produced an internationally touring exhibition “Ingmar Bergman and his legacy in fashion and art” for the Swedish Institute. Her love to the Swedish culture just evolves and today L.Christeseva is bringing together hundreds of Swedes to taste the Swedish Fika served with music, dance, poesy, and colors.


Without special knowledge or talent, applying just curiosity, creativity, good vibes and the best smile, we have created 35 meters long colorful canvas, a collection of dresses, cool photos, fun videos, and great experiences! This is how the Swedish Fika tastes today. It is just delicious. During the Swedish Fika at Artten gallery, you will enjoy the moment of sharing energy and co-creation.

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What others say

”I came for coffee and maybe some paint. You brought me back to my youth, when I was in Berlin having fun with my friends. We painted and created together using our hands and bodies. You gave me freedom and my beauty back”.

”I have travelled around the world. I have seen a lot. Yet, this was an exciting meeting with myself which help me towards understanding and happiness”.

”Swedish Fika got definitely another meaning. I met new friends and together we made so much mess with colors which turned to be beautiful art charged with warmth of memories and depth of understanding where I came from and who I am today”.



Initially the Swedish Fika was developed with support from Stockholm Municipality