Hantverk i Julens Anda 9 December

Welcome everyone to our delightful craft afternoon in a secure and welcoming environment at Artten Gallery. We gather every Saturday from 15:00 to 18:00. Material and fika are included. Please note that it is important to register, as we have a limited number of seats. After registration, await an email confirming your participation and providing the entrance code shortly.

    The background: During fall 2023, Ludmila Christeseva has initiated a series of craft workshops to address the growing issue of loneliness worldwide. The initiative aims to integrate Ukrainian refugees into Swedish society through crafts and provide them with entrepreneurial skills for establishing their businesses in Sweden. Ludmila Christeseva emphasizes the importance of sharing her expertise and knowledge.

    On the 18th of November, she hosted “Sticka, sy och fika på Artten Galleri,” followed by a Christmas Market on the 25th of November. This event provided Ukrainian women with the opportunity to share their artistic ambitions and network with Swedish professionals and cultural curators. The project gradually evolved into a series of Christmas activities called “Hantverk i Julens Anda,” allowing Ukrainian families to celebrate Christmas advents with new friends who might not have families of their own.

    The final presentation will be hold on Christmas Day at Östermalmstorg. Join us for an inaguration.

    The project’s goal is to revisit Christmas in times of hardship, focusing on creativity and community building. It adds a dimension of resilience and creative resistance to difficulties and personal, social, and political challenges.