PERMACRISIS 2022 is a series of mixed media artworks created by L.Christeseva in the United States during fall of 2022.


I haven’t read the latest news.  I just could not. The war in Ukraine continues and it is difficult to anticipate all the damages: children who never met their fathers; women who lost their sons in the war. Such uncertainty and anguish of life during wartime is a lonely and painful experience, full of fear and unfulfilled dreams. While these stories are dreadful, I cover the latest news with yellow, pink, and blue colors.

Several layers of paint have transformed recent events into random words.  Tearing down the remnants of information, I sent my prayers to my numerous friends around the world – Iran, Ukraine, Belarus, and many other countries.

Art has always been a way for me for understanding and supporting others. PERMACRISIS 2022 is designed to bring hope and optimism. The canvases are dynamic offering a balance between uncertainty and hope, enabled through the consistent process of demolition of the latest news through different colors. How can we support each other towards peace and freedom?! Can the colors show a way away from grief and death? Is there a way?

Artist and curator: L.Christeseva